Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Which Blogger service shall I kill next?

Hooded, axe-carrying executioner
Image: Pixabay
The pixels were barely dry last spring on my seven-part tutorial about inserting images into blogs when Google flipped the board and scattered the pieces to the wind.

All that work, all those screenshots and animations, became obsolete.

In January, I confidently published a two-part report on blog themes that included this side note:
The Responsive themes do not support the "quick edit" tools, which let me edit posts and widgets directly from the blog itself. I find this very useful, especially given other recent changes to the blogger back end.

It took Google exactly four days to remove quick edit from Blogger (they've restored it, at least for now). 

As part of a three-part tutorial about how people can follow your blog, I described Subscribe by Email on March 13. 

As Google told us last week, it is removing subscribe-by-email in July.

Why do I even bother?

Also, what shall I write about next?

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  1. I feel your pain! I write about Google Photos 🥺 Please don't give up Adam, we count on you for Blogger info.

  2. I fear its only a matter of time until they just kill blogger entirely.

    1. No, killing off Blogger stuff is MY superpower.

  3. The one I think should be removed is a link to the video tutorials on the down-left side Blogger homepage. They are tutorials from 8 years ago.

  4. I've been there too. But I've also done the reverse, where I decide to hold off writing a tutorial because I'm sure it will be changing soon and it actually never gets updated (or it's changed several years later).

    I think it is helpful to share how products work right now. If and when it's changed, you can add a notice to your tutorials to let people know. I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how to do something on another platform, and it was helpful to find a blog post with a note that the feature I was looking for had been deprecated.

    1. Peggy's wonderful blog emphasizes news of the digital week, where any change, good or bad, is just more grist for the mill. Not a bad approach!

  5. Thanks for everything Adam. I will get back to you if I learn something helpful. BTW, have you done a post on how to edit Blogger labels?

    1. Earl, I have, as a matter of fact.

      Unfortunately, the user interface has changed since then (story of this blog, apparently). But the basic steps have not.