Friday, March 1, 2019

Adding images to Blogger

Blogger editor > toolbar > Insert Image > options

Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words. A photo or graphic can attract the eye, set the tone, explain, demonstrate, or illustrate.

Update: The user interface has changed, so my screen shots and step-by-steps are no longer 100% valid. Maybe I will revise this once the new interface settles down.

Every blogger should know all the ways to add an image to a blog post or page.
The Insert Image button in the editing toolbar
Click Insert Image
Here's a guide.

Clicking on the Insert Image tool shows a choice of actions

Click the Insert Image tool to get Add Images, with access to the following six image-inserting options:
There are also two ways to drag and drop images directly into your blog.

Most of these methods place the image file that Blogger uses in your album archive (not Google Photos).

If you insert "from your phone," i.e. Google Photos, Blogger will place a copy of the image in the archive album for your blog. The copy is identical to, but separate from, the one in Photos.

Archive, not Photos

Blogger uses the Album Archive version of the file and no other.
If you delete an image from your album archive, it will leave an ugly hole in your blog.

Warning: as of this writing, there is no "restore deleted photos" option for the archive like the one in Google Photos.

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