Saturday, January 20, 2018

Where are my Blogger photos?

Google keeps your Blogger images "in the cloud," online. But where?

Blogger images did not make the switch to Google Photos when Google phased out Picasaweb, its original online photo album.

Instead Google created the Album Archive as a stripped-to-its-basics online repository for Blogger and other legacy images. View yours here.

Your blog has an album in the archive. But what you can do with that album is extremely limited.

Blogger's insert image tool
Blogger's Insert Image tool stores the image in the Album Archive

Uploading an image into a blog post using the Insert Image tool stashes the image file online in a blog-specific album bearing the name of the blog.

This album is in a kind of album-of-albums called "Photos from Blogger." Accounts with multiple blogs will have multiple blog albums.

Here are the important things you can do in the Archive:
  • View Album contents
  • Delete images and albums (which deletes them from your blog)
  • Download images to your device
That's it! You can't edit the images or upload directly to the albums, or move images into different albums. You can't even search an album or change the sort order of images.

For your own peace of mind, don't think of this feature as an actual album that you can tweak and share. You can't!

Think of your blog's album as a kind of window into the place where Google (not you) stores the files you have uploaded to other Google services.

Google's full-featured online photo album, and its successor to Picasaweb, is Google Photos.

The Album Archive is just an archive.

Thank you to Palnatoke for making the above archive image available under a Creative Commons license.

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