Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog feed for more than 500 posts

The folks at Blogger, bless their hearts, erect several obstacles to creative use of your blog's feed.

Some of us use our feeds--our whole feeds, not just the most recent stuff--to make an index of our blogs, or to reverse the order so that it begins with the oldest post.

The default Blogger feeds, however, show only the most recent 25 posts. This is pretty easy to get around: you just append "max-results=999" to the feed url, which overrides the 25-post limit (replacing it with a a larger one). So the feed for this blog, breaking the 25-post barrier, is
It turns out that Blogger has a second, more-serious limit of 500 posts per feed. Here's how that works, and how to work around it if your blog has more than 500 posts.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feed "pagination" hobbles Yahoo Pipes

The quirky but useful Pipes web service has added a new kink, with implications for bloggers that use it to reverse the order of their posts.

Running your blog feed though the pipe I built will flip the order, and until recently you could then just port the pipe's feed to feed2js to show your blog in the order you want.

Frustratingly, Yahoo Pipes has started to paginate its feeds in blocks of 100 posts. So the feed url you get from Pipes only displays the first 100 posts in the series. To see the next 100 posts, you have to add the following to the feed url:
You then run both feed urls, separately, through feed2js, and mash the results together so they look like a continuous feed.

Feed-based hacks get a new lease on life

Alan Levine, originator and keeper of the useful but endangered web service, announced last week that thanks to

the generosity of people who have donated financial support, and one anonymous donor in particular, I have sufficient funds to keep Feed2JS running at least through June 2013, and maybe longer.

Feed2js turns rss feeds into scripts that will run on blogger.