Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog elements

In the beginning was the blog, composed of posts.

But there are many other pages and parts of your blog, some added later by Blogger (such as static pages), others generated automatically (such as label searches).

It's handy to know what you can do with these. Here's a field guide.

1. Blog page (home page)
2. Blog post pages (individual post)
4. Archive ("Older Posts") pages
  A. and part 2
5. Label-search pages
6. Static page
7. Search-results pages
8. Header, title & tagline
9. Sidebar
  A. and upper horizontal gadgets area
  B. and lower horizontal gadgets area

A. Elements common to every page
B. Limits on page size:
  1. Setting limits
  2. Automatic pagenation
  3. Strategies: Your blog on a diet
C. Tabbed navigation
D. Configuring blog elements
  1. Even blog posts themselves
Other blog elements (forthcoming)


  1. How did you set this page up like this with lists that are links that send you to a description of that link? I am trying to figure out how to do that now and an having a had time.

  2. Scully, I assume you mean the sidebar lists, such as the 7 posts that are listed at right under "Titles Only."

    Those are all applications of my first-post-first hack, which is documented in the posts listed under "Titles Only."

    You might want to read this post.

    Two refinements may interest you. First, instead of the feed for my whole blog, I use a label feed, so I am only getting the posts labeled "titles only."

    Second, if you do not care what order the posts are listed in, you can skip the trip through Yahoo Pipes and go directly to the javascript creator. (Both of these web-based services are described in those "Titles Only" posts.)

  3. Thank you for posting an answer to my question. I now have a static page in place after following your instructions! Thanks a bunch!! It was just what I wanted.

  4. You're welcome, Latasha! Latasha's question was posted in Blogger's excellent help forum.

  5. hi adam want to know how i can make my home page just a picture & how do i move the existing posts from the home page to another new page

    1. @tradio, I recommend Blogger's help forum for questions like this, especially if my own explanation is not satisfactory.

  6. This doesn't tell me how to move my existing posts to my other pages - or to use my labels to automatically assign them to a page.
    How do other bloggers get mulitple unique posts on their "pages" (not Home page)??

    1. @Mom: Either (1) they don't (since the standard solution has a lot to recommend it), or (2) they hack the code of their blog templates in complicated ways that are, sad to say, too clever for Too Clever.