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For an index of my primer about all the elements of a Blogger blog, start here.

If you are thinking about your blog from an editorial point of view, you might like my overview of blog types.

I also provide a description of all the ways you can put an image into your blog.

And an explanation of the differences between following, feeds, and subscribe-by-email.

I do have a "real" blog, which has nothing to do with blogger tips or hacks. But I'll only refer to that to illustrate points about the first-post-first hack or another pertinent subject.


  1. goodness knows how my front page of my blog ended up as my 2nd page. How do I bring the "face" page I want shifted hole-uss bole-uss to the front arriving at my blog. Also I want to change the colour from black to white on my front page header????

  2. Lockwood, I'd like to help. but I think my answers would fall somewhere in between "I don't know" and "I can't tell from what you've said."

    I think you will get the best help from the Blogger Help Forum (link at left.) Include a link to your blog if you post there.

  3. Helloooooooo!!

    Sooo glad that you take the time to answer questions!!
    I have a question too!! how did you make those tabs like "blog" , "about" , "journey" , etc..??
    Please explain like how you would to an 8 year old!! :P ( or just give me a link ) :D

    Thanx !!


  4. Rosebell, I used a link-list gadget to make those tabs.

    If you need more help with that, take it to the Blogger help forum, and be sure to provide your blog url along with your question.