Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Three Ways to Follow Your Blog

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Photo: Frantisek Krejci/Pixabay
By default, your blog has three different ways to tell readers when you publish a new blog post.

Only one of them is called "following."

These methods are not the same, though they accomplish similar things.

Subscribing by email currently uses Feedburner to turn each blog post into an email to subscribers. However, Google is turning this feature off in Julymore...

Following lets other bloggers include your blog on their reading lists. The Followers gadget is not required, though it can encourage following (and showcase your followers). more...

Subscribe to your blog's feed lets anyone include your blog in their feed reader. There is no way to track how many people do this or who they are. more...

Each of these methods relies on your blog's feed, so if you turn off your blog feed in settings, or take your blog private, they will not work.

If you shorten your blog feed in settings, the result will also be reflected in email following, and feed reader.

Nonetheless, these are three separate channels from your blog. There is no place that tracks all of them. Email subscribers won't be listed as followers, and so forth.

Learn more: subscribefollowfeed reader


  1. How would we push our blog posts to our subscribers once feedburner no longer exists? I have all subscribers in mail chimp but do not want to recreate my blogger posts? Can they be linked?

    1. My understanding is that Mail Chimp provides a possible solution, but there are other services that do similar things.

      We are kind of on our own after July!

  2. Maybe I am not at the right place, Adam, but have you heard about a (draft) post's entire content disappearing (except for the title) after pressing Control Z and it becoming irretrievable, even if you (obviously!) do not save the changes?

    It has happened three or four times in the past seven or eight months, and not knowing the solution (insofar as there is one) — posting on Blogger Help hasn't helped — is driving me crazy…

    1. Small comfort, but I was feeling your pain on this even before I wrote about it in 2014.

      Some of those issues have been resolved, but not alas that one.