Friday, March 5, 2021

Subscribe by Email

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"Subscribe by Email" is one of three ways that readers can elect to be notified when you publish a blog post. 

Update: Google is canceling this service effective in July.

"Subscribe by Email" is also the name of a sidebar gadget in Blogger that will present this option to your readers.

Subscribing is not the same as "Following."

The email option uses a Google service called Feedburner that sends new posts as emails once a day. 

Your Feed and Feedburner

Your feed is like an internet broadcast of your blog. The feed automatically pushes your posts out on the web to those who want them.

Blogger feeds are enabled by default, unless you have restricted readership. Private blogs do not have feeds.

Feedburner will prompt you to set up the email of your feed when you add the gadget to your blog. You will be able to see, and refine, the results at your Feedburner page.

You can view and manage your email subscribers there, and also set the time of day when Feedburner will mail new posts to subscribers.

A full description of the options at Feedburner are beyond the scope of this report, but there is information at Feedburner help.

In addition, your feed settings at > Settings will control what is included in each email:

  • Full mails your full post
  • Short sends out the first 250 characters or so, text only, with a link
  • Jump-break shows everything until the jump, with a link
  • Off disables the whole thing.

Forwarding: At setup, Feedburner will prompt you to forward your blog feed to Feedburner. This is not essential to the process and could lead to complications.

Doing so will provide more information about people who subscribe to your feed in a feed reader. However, for most users, I recommend declining this option.

Subscribe-by-email will still work if you do.

Finally, email subscriptions

  • are opt-in, you cannot add people to the mailing list
  • are not the same thing as following and will not show up on lists of followers
  • require a blog feed, so turning yours off will disable subscriptions
  • require a blog feed, so making your blog private will disable subscriptions
  • use your blog feed, so shortening the feed in settings will control what is included in the email.
Readers can separately follow you in Blogger's reading list, or read your feed in a feed reader.

Learn more: follow • feed reader • overview


  1. They soon won't be able to. Google is wiping out that feature from Feedburner.

    If there's any kind of work around, I'm game to learn of it.

    1. Yes—I sure can pick things to write about here!