Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Edit the elements

Blogger's layout page, at Layout, is the powerful graphical-interface control panel for your blog. There you can add gadgets and even rearrange them just by clicking and dragging.

Perhaps you know that you can also configure those gadgets by clicking their respective "edit" links. But look over at the rectangle labeled "Blog Posts." That's right, you can configure them too.

Every element is a gadget with settings that you control. The options for configuring blog posts are particularly powerful, but you can similarly edit your header, footer (the option is limited and called "Attribution"), even the Navbar.

You can edit the configurations of many of these elements directly from your blog pages. Just click on the tiny screwdriver-and-wrench icon (visibly only to you when logged into your account) at the lower right edge of any gadget to configure.

Blog posts, header, and navbar, however, can only be configured from the Edit Layout page.

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