Sunday, March 8, 2020

Your Web Address

Need a web address for your new blog?

Blogger gives you a free subdomain on the domain.

You can have any subdomain you like as long as it
  • is available
  • consists only of legal characters
  • does not begin or end with a hyphen or underscore

For Blogger, legal characters are letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.

You need this blogspot web address even if you plan to buy a custom domain (such as

Your web address need not reflect the title of your blog.


If your blog address of choice is rejected, the Blogger setup form will tell you why.
“Not available” means someone else got it first (even if later deleted).

“Invalid” means you have an illegal character or began or ended with a hyphen or underscore.

Don't type more than your subdomain into the setup window. "" includes periods, which are not allowed, and would be interpreted as a request for "," which is nonsensical.

Not Available

If someone else has a blog at the address you want, you cannot have it.

The only way to get the address would be to contact the blog owner and convince him or her to transfer the blog (and its address) to you.

Q: Will Google help me to contact the blog owner?
A: No.

Q: Are there exceptions if the blog at that address is abandoned?
A: No.

Q: What if the blog was deleted? How long do I have to wait to get the web address?
A: Google's policy is that these web addresses will never be made available again.

Q: What if the blog infringes on my trademark?
A: In the case of a trademark violation, Google will remove the blog.

Q: And then I can have it, right?
A: No.

Q: Has anyone ever transferred an unused blog to a stranger who requests it?
A: I did that once.

Q: What is this blogspot thing anyway? How is it different from Blogger?
A: is the default domain for Blogger blogs. is the back end of Blogger where you can sign into your account, write posts, and blog.


  1. Clarifies some confusion. thanks.

  2. Impossible lately to get a working domain name at blogger .. even purposely mistyping my name won't get me a valid one ... is blogger no longer doing this?

    1. AFAIK everything is working as described above for subdomains. If what I have written does not help you, please post in the help community (link in sidebar). Hope you get it sorted! PS Your name maybe not as unusual as you might think, try using an underscore

  3. How do I change my blogger username?

    1. Hi Amy,

      There is actually no such thing as a "username" in Blogger, and you could be asking about several different things.

      But the way to change your display name is by editing your blogger profile.

      If that is not right, please take your issue to the Blogger help community.