Saturday, January 16, 2021

Which Blog Theme Is Best
for You?


wine taster
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Even the very oldest Blogger themes (also called "templates") still work, in that they faithfully render their contents on the World Wide Web. 

Beyond that, any of the three families of themes from the past decade are broadly  functional. Each family has advantages and drawbacks not offered by the others.

So, a reasonable question is, what theme should I use today? 

There is no single right answer, but I recommend the most recent theme that displays your content well, and nothing earlier than 2010. 

That means one of the three families, Designer (2010), Dynamic (2011), or Responsive (2017).

Here is an overview.

Beyond that, it's a personal decision. You must do some research and assess your own needs.

For example

I greatly admire the Responsive themes, but also value the way that Designer lets me control the jump break, the appearance of tabbed navigation, and the way my posts appear on dynamic pages.

Crossed wrench and screwdriver icon
The Responsive themes do not support the "quick edit" tools, which let me edit posts and widgets directly from the blog itself. I find this very useful, especially given other recent changes to the blogger back end.

Also, the new themes do not format some of my older content very well.

But for different content, a responsive theme like Notable or Emporio might be just the thing. And there is a lot to like about the newer selection.

Your call.

Photo: Thanks to chispita_666 for making the image of a wine taster available via creative commons.

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