Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Don't Make Me Click

The new Blogger user interface is a boon to hand surgeons everywhere.

Why: All the extra clicks, distributed over hundreds of thousands of users, must surely translate into more cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

It feels as though there are more clicks for every little thing. Clicks that cannot be automated into keyboard shortcuts like command (or control) + i for italics (though that one, thankfully, remains).

Extra click for hyperlinks (which previously required none). Extra click to switch blogs. To switch between Compose and HTML.

There are some aspects of the new interface that are, arguably, not worse than what they replaced, just different and unfamiliar. So, get familiar; problem solved.

Fair enough.

But one indisputable quantitative measure is the number of mouse clicks you need to do something.

There are extra clicks, and pauses to think, scattered throughout the UI.

Your hand surgeon might be pleased, but the rest of us? Not so much.


  1. Although this seems like a very minor issue, it really is annoying in interrupting your workflow. I also have constant issues with the way the new Blogger handles images. Half the time I can't edit an image's settings because the pop-up box is hidden under the bottom of the screen and I have to exit out, manually add multiple lines of blank space to the end of the post, and try again. The new Blogger interface is really poor for maintaining workflow. I really prefer the old interface. It's not a simple "I'll get used to it" thing either. The constant bumps and hiccups all make for a predictably annoying experience. I add feedback reports but nothing seemingly changes. I think the only actual improvement we got is the automatic HTML beautify.

    1. I still hope that Google will fix a lot of this stuff. There is however a "too cute by half" aspect to the new design that I am afraid is baked in.

  2. Good observation. This has been a new feature in all Google products over the last few years. One person inside explained that it is a result of their design toward the mobile landscape, where it is not a click, but rather a tap ... do don't look for the clicks to be fixed any time soon, if ever.

    1. My very cloudy crystal ball agrees with you: that this is a design decision made deliberately, not a bug, and thus unlikely to change soon.

  3. All my Buggers! with New Blogger:
    - Label window is always open when you create a new post. An extra click to collapse.
    - Big green date thingie - extra scrolling down necessary to set date and time. The green box adds no new info.
    - to choose HTML or write window - an extra click.
    - To write captions below photos: a PITA.
    . Paragraph formatting /double line spacing! Enough saiud!
    - If you alter a link, and then ask to have it opened in a new window, the link alters back to the former version.
    - Link window opening below the edge of my screen.
    - "Paper" borders with too little contrast to the background. I can't write outside the lines, but often I try!

  4. Oh one more. the big borane B in top does not take you back to the blog, you're currently working on, but your main one (or maybe your first one). Many more clicks required to go where you want. Of course this is only a problem for people like me having more blogs.

    1. The default blog on your dashboard is the one you have posted to the most recently. Click about to switch blogs.

    2. Thank you. What a dumb thing to do. I go to a new blog to post and work ther, not to be driven back to my old one.
      Btw I put up a blogpost on how to insert photos where you want them to go. I thought I had done, but I had forgotten. Here it is.