Monday, March 4, 2024

And the winner is: PageList

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The PageList sidebar widget, and the older LinkList widget, each creates a list of links.

PageList, which Blogger calls "Pages" on its list of widgets, has one clear advantage.

LinkList won't automatically reformat as a horizontal list in the Responsive blog themes. PageList will.

tabbed navigational widget is generally a very good thing to provide for your readers.

Some find PageList challenging to set up. The user interface is poor, so I've written a PageList guide.

For a long time, I recommended LinkList over PageList. Originally, PageList only showed the static pages, which were introduced as a feature in 2010.

Changes over time

Also in 2010 Google introduced the customizable Designer blog themes, still widely in use today. They format any list as "tabs" in a widget in the area above the blog posts and below the title.

lunks formateed as a set of tabs
Remember tabs?

LinkList could always link to any web page, including the static pages.

So really, LinkList had the edge.

Sometime after that, PageList became more customizable, and it was possible to link from it to any page on the web (just like LinkList).

But people reported that it was buggy. Meanwhile LinkList was rock solid. I continued to recommend LinkList.

At some point, and with no fanfare, Google fixed the bugs. But some people still got lost in the user interface you use to add links to it.

It works, but you have to know how.

LinkList seemed easier.

The big difference

In the newest themes, you can't use LinkList to make that navigational bar across the top of the posts.
Tip: In Layout, reposition the gadget to change its appearance.
Source: Blogger configuration screen. But note there is no "Design" page of the dashboard: this refers to the Layout page.

If you try, the widget will continue to format as a stacked list, not a horizontal set of links.

To my mind, that makes PageList the widget of choice, at leasts for that purpose. It is no longer buggy, just (sometimes) difficult to set up.

Even if you are not using the newest blog themes, using PageList will make it easier to change themes in the future.

LinkList still works

The older LinkList widget is still great for stacked lists of links in any theme. It still formats as tabs in the Designer themes. If all that is working for you, there is no urgent reason to change.

But PageList works too, and while it might be a little tricker to set up, today it is just as stable as LinkList and makes a good navigation widget in all themes.

The user interface for PageList is not that bad. Here's how to hack it.


  1. I have been trying to figure out how to fix a list I have in the right gutter. I have a list of reviewed issues of Jonah Hex, with the most recent one at the top. However, LinkList always adds a new link to the BOTTOM of the list and I have formatted it over the past decade for the newest link to be at the top.

    Blogger support was no help and I was wondering if you any any good suggestions

    1. @Dwayne, there is no "Blogger support." But if you mean the Google help community, which I link to in the sidebar, that is the only place I try to help people with problems that do not stem directly from the advice I provide on my blog.

      Advice there, a searchable central public forum for Blogger issues, might help multiple people. That is less likely in a random comment here.

      Thank you for respecting my choice about that.

  2. Hello Adam, I have a question for you again: I want to ask you a question: Do you think it makes sense to delete content that does not belong to you or us from our site?

    1. @İsmail, I am not really qualified to advise on intellectual property issues. But generally, one should not use any content that one does not have rights, or permission, to use. The only exception is fair use, with a full citation and, if applicable, a link.

    2. "Intellectual property rights" isn't exactly what I'm asking about. It's more of a summary of whether or not the content is written by myself.

    3. OK, but I don't have anything to add.

  3. IMHO, PageList widget can be use as Menu Navigational that can be place at top (before or after header). For the Link List widget better use for link that I want to show to the reader, wheather link is mine or other.
    [Please excuse my English, because its not my native :)]

    1. In spite of what I've said in my post, many frustrating problems remain for the Pages widget. It is possible that most users will not encounter them, though.

      In any case, for the latest generation of blog themes, if you want the tabbed navigational widget, only PageList will work. So suffer its flaws.

      But I wish it were as stable as LinkList. The tabs on this blog (older theme) are LinkList.