Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your blog, on a diet

This is your blog, on a diet.

Blogger automatically pagenates your blog pages based on size. Exceed 500 kb, and Blogger continues your blog onto an archive page.

This feature (or bug if you prefer) is not going away. You can't disable it, but you can manage it.
  • Consider strategic use of the jump break to fit more posts per page. Put most of your large content, such as photos, behind the break, where it won't count against your 500 kb. Write an engaging lead that draws readers in, then jump!
  • The 500-kb limit applies to all dynamic pages, including relative archive pages (older, newer), but not to absolute archive pages (e.g. January 2010).
  • The limits do not apply to static pages, so if you have a gallery of many photos park them on a static page and link to it from a sidebar gadget, navigation tab, or regular post.
  • Think you can get around the limit? Think again. The "Show At Most" setting for your blog will let you override 500-kb per page, but only by making it smaller.
  • Regardless of size, Blogger will always let you show at least one post per page.
Clicking to see more content is the way of the world, not the end of the world, on the internet. Were your blog not paginated, readers would still have to scroll down to keep reading it.

Is there really a huge difference between clicking a link ("Older posts") versus clicking a scroll bar?

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