Thursday, February 3, 2011

Limiting posts per page

Bloggers with administrative privileges can limit the number of posts per page at Settings > Posts and comments > Show at most.

This setting lets you control the size of dynamic pages.

Sort of.

"Show at most" sets an absolute ceiling on the number of posts per page, up to 500. You can also specify a limit based on a number of days, as in "all posts in a 7-day period"--up to 500 posts.

Blogger put posts in excess of your limit on a subsequent archive page--or pages.

The limit you set applies not only to the main blog page, but also to relative archive pages (but not to absolute ones). Oddly, label-search and other search pages seem to be governed by a 20-post-per-page limit, see discussion in the comments below.

However, the setting does not disable Blogger's own 500-kb limit on the size of pages. Both of these limits apply: yours and Blogger's, whichever results in the smaller page.


  1. Sorry, as far as I know, "Show at most" is a limit on main page only. On .../search/label/somelabel, it still shows some posts. (I set the limit to 1).

    1. Thank you! There seems to be an arbitrary 20-post limit on these pages instead.

      I do not know whether this is something that changed recently, or just something that I got wrong the first time, but thanks to your pointing this out I have fixed this in the blog post.

      There really ought to be a way to set the limit for this, if you don't want as many as 20 per page.