Thursday, January 6, 2011

Search-results pages

Searching your blog for a word or a phrase in Blogger's navbar (or from Blogger's sidebar search gadget) generates a dynamic page of those posts that include the search phrase.

The results of this search take the familiar form of all of Blogger's dynamic pages: Posts, in reverse order, spilling automatically into archived pages if needed.

But there is a big catch. Ironically for a company that is synonymous with search, this feature does not work reliably or predictably and Blogger seems unable to fix it.

(Check out Google's Custom Search as an alternative.)

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  1. If you use Google Custom Search, then (unless you pay $US100) you will have AdSense ads displayed on the search results. The good news is that if you're an AdSense publisher, then these can be YOU ads, which is A Good Thing all round.

  2. Mary, those are both very good points, thanks!

    My experience with Google Search as a sidebar widget (on my other blog) has been a bit different, however. I get no ads from searches there.

    I suppose Google could change that at any time, though.

    By the way: Mary has a blog devoted to blogger tips of all kind that might be of interest to anyone who reads Too Clever.