Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Archived blog pages

In the beginning was the blog, composed of posts.

Add enough content (and it does not take much), and your posts will overflow off the main blog page and into the archive.

Click "older posts" after the last post on your page to see the next-recent batch of posts. Your readers can navigate all of your content this way, by clicking on older and newer.

You can reach a second kind of archive page though the Archive gadget--all the posts within a month or week.

Both pages list posts in reverse-chronological order and have links to older and newer content.

Both are subject to Blogger's absolute size limit (although it will always include at least one post no matter how big). This is measured in kilobytes of data served, applies automatically, and cannot be changed.

Posts that would, if included, exceed the limit are just bumped to the next archive page. No big deal really--just remember that each post is its own discrete thing, that will be strung together with all of the other posts in reverse order, latest first.

The differences between these two kinds of archived pages are minor, and are detailed here.
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  1. Hi Adam,
    Just very clever. As a new Google blogger want to set 3 blogs I've just started on one page. Being technically thick which would be easier for me.

  2. Hi James,

    Is that a question? If so, not sure I follow.

    I cannot recommend the blogger help forum strongly enough to new bloggers.