Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post pages for blog posts

In the beginning was the blog page, but later on each blog post got its own page too.

The user option at Settings > Archiving > Enable Post Pages gives each of your posts a unique web address (which Blogger generates automatically). This is useful for many reasons--for one thing, you and others can link directly to any post--and most bloggers should leave it enabled.

A related option, at Settings > Comments > Comment Form Placement > Embedded Below Post, lets you put the commenting form on the page, if you've left post pages enabled.

If you use Blogger's jump break (as I do) to truncate your posts with a "read more" link, only the first, pre-break part will show on other blog pages (main page, label-search page, etc.) with the link. Meanwhile, the entire post will appear on its post page, with no sign of where you put the jump.

These posts are the true building blocks of your blog.
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  1. Interesting and useful for new bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I cant click yes for the enable post pages... what do I do to let me click it????

    1. Lilly, I don't know. Post pages should be on by default in new blogs.

      I see that you have no posts yet. Perhaps this feature is enabled for you already. What happens if you make a post?

      If the problem persists I recommend asking under "something is broken" at the Blogger help forum.

      Because things do go wrong from time to time.

  3. i got the new blogger layout and such and there are no ARCHIVING in the settings section.

    I want to add another dynamic page to my blog:

    how can i do that please?

    1. Jameela, I do not follow the part about archiving and suggest you post a more-detailed question to Blogger's help forum.

      There is a setting at Settings > Posts and Comments > Show at most that controls how many posts are allowed on your blog page before they spill over onto an archive page, if that is what you mean.

      For the other: You create new dynamic pages whenever you label a post. I've written about that here.