Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just the blog post titles, in order

How would you like to list links to all your blog posts in chronological order?

A list that automatically grows as you post new stuff to your blog?

If that's what you want—if you don't care about showing any of the contents of your blog posts—there is a subset of my blog-journey hack that is pretty simple.

You still have to set up your feed and go to my Blog Journey pipe at Yahoo Pipes. But you don't have to make your own private editable copy of it, because you won't be editing it. And you can skip the whole section on formatting the results with CSS. Lucky you, because that stuff can get really fussy.

Instead, just plug your feed address into my pipe and run it.

Then click "get as RSS" and copy the resulting url from your browser bar.

You do still have to follow my instructions about how to convert that url into javascript. However, when you are setting the script up, set the number of characters of the post that should show to 0. That way you will only get the post title.

You can paste the resulting javascript into a sidebar widget (Text/HTML), or a static page. Save or publish and you are done.

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