Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finish line for the Full or Jump-Break feed

If you chose Full-feed (or Jump Break) publishing, have pasted the javascript code into a static post, and applied any special formatting (which is optional), then you are done.

Congratulations! I hope you are pleased.

It's always a good idea to proofread your feed to identify any typos or unanticipated formatting that may have been introduced by the pipe or this process.

If you do find anything odd, check to make sure its not in your original blog post. Any errors there will flow through to your published feed.

If you are missing some line returns, you may need to edit your pipe along the lines of this correction for Short feeds. (I do not think this will happen to Full feeds, but am including this link for completeness and in case I am wrong.)

If you see formatting that you do not like or expect, you need to customize formatting as described here.

Let me know how it turned out!

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