Thursday, May 20, 2010

The script puts the feed in your blog

This is the script
that displays the feed
that comes out of the pipe
that mashes the feed
that you publish of your blog
to install the blog-journey hack.

Specifically, the code you got from feed2js (or similar service) will show your feed on a web page, on any browser that supports javascript.

I recommend that you put your feed on a static blog page, not in a blog post where it could cause some problems. The feed is potentially big and will slow down your blog (and eat up your page-size quota) if you put it in a post.

Similarly I think your sidebar or footer is a poor choice, except perhaps for a feed that is just the title of the post, or title and date.

More about static pages here.

Create a static page at Posting > Edit Pages. Using the Edit HTML option (not Compose), add any introductory explanation, paste the script, and publish.

We're not done (unless you are happy with how it looks), but congratulations--it's your blog, in order from the first post top the last!

From here you can either work on formatting or fixing little anomalies and typos created by the pipe. I recommend tackling formatting first.


  1. You Marvelous Genius!! Thanks for sharing the magnificent pipe. I would never have been able to create that. Thank you too for the step-by-step guide and easy to follow instructions. You thought of everything and put it plainly. What was introduced as potentially daunting ended up being a cinch and now I have a page on by blog listing all my posts in chronological order. What's better is that if I alter a post, the static page should update too perhaps. I hope everyone who asks the question 'how can I reverse the order of by blog posts' finds your blog. Nothing else works. Brilliant!

  2. To the above: Thank you! I am pleased to be helpful, and also to know that my instructions are clear enough for someone else to follow.

    You are right to suppose that your static page will update automatically. However, it can take as much as a few hours for this to happen (usually less) as changes work their way though the feeds and scripts.

    If you are so inclined, would you post a link to your static page, either in these comments or in a comment here? Additional examples might instruct and inspire others.

  3. Truth be told, it's my mothers blog which she tasked me with setting up. Although 'blog' is the wrong description. She wrote a modern adaption of the 12th century French classic romance-tragdy 'Heloise & Abelard' as a series of tweets or txt messages called 'A Textual Affair'.

    The idea was to set-up two twitter accounts, one for each of the doomed lovers and let the story unfold in 140 characters or less as they correspond to each-other via SMS. The original true story, I was told, unfolded to readers in a series of letters which were discovered at some point in history. I set her up with the twitter accounts just fine but we needed a blog so that readers could easily catch up on tweets they had missed and comment etc. Unfortunately, as many irked Blogger users know, Blogger does that offer the option to list posts in chronological order so 'catching up' would be awkward for anyone attempting it. Trying to find a solution gave me a head-ache until I found your blog. We are very grateful.

    The Blog is here:

    I link to the Chronological version, created by your work-around, in the side-bar description on the left. Now that I have it worked out, I am going to try an push the txts through Twitter again as the story came to a close. Hopefully I can automate it using the same magnificent blog-journey reverse-feed hack somehow.

    Again, many thanks.

  4. Abelard and Heloise in tweets! What a clever conceit.

    Certainly, much better to read in chronological order.