Friday, May 21, 2010

Still missing some line returns?

If you are still getting run-together paragraphs and have the Short feed, there are two possible causes. (If yours is Full, or if you are just building a list of blog-post titles, you are done! Go here.)

One possible cause is that you have line breaks without punctuation, such as you might find in a list of items:
  • cheese
  • socks
  • chalk
  • birthdays
If so, you might see a line in your feed that looks something like this:
cheesesockschalkbirthdaysIf so, you might see...
--all of the returns you put in your post brutally stripped away by the Short feed.

Your possible remedies for that are as follows:
  • You can edit your post and punctuate your list, with periods or commas or semicolons;
  • You can edit your post to put a space after all the list items except the last one, which you punctuate (so that you get "cheese socks chalk birthdays." all on one line);
  • You can edit your pipe to deal with this list, as described here.
A second possible cause, less likely, is that my pipe does not perform enough search-and-replace operations on your feed to catch all of the returns in it.

This would only happen if the start of one of your blog posts included more than seven paragraphs. Coincidentally, that could be because of a list of items like the one above, but (a) it would only kick in after the seventh return (or so) in your blog post and (b) would occur even if you punctuate your list.

The remedy for the second cause is to edit the pipe to add more search-and-replace operations. I explain that here.

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