Sunday, September 30, 2018

Never delete a Blogger blog.

Avert Regret

Shoe about to step on a banana peel

OK, "never" is an exaggeration. But not a big one.

If you have a blog you don't want any more, a better alternative is often to make it private.

No one will be able to see your private blog but you, and that only when you are logged in to the blogging account.

In other words, you can take your blog offline while keeping it in reserve.

Do this from the Settings page of your dashboard, at Basic > Blog readers.

This avoids many possible flavors of regret.

You might want to revisit the blog someday, or copy some snippet that you wrote to use elsewhere. Or just read it for yourself.

You might want to reuse the web address for the blog. If you delete the blog, the blog url becomes permanently unavailable.

The Blogger Help Forum is dotted with people who regret deleting their blogs for exactly these reasons.

You might want these things tomorrow or next year, even if you don't think you will today.

And if you don't, ever, but you followed this advice anyway, you are no worse off.

Update: Never delete a Google account, either.


  1. I daily regret deleting my blog, it was a decision made in anger but now i feel very sad seeing someone else running that blog :(

  2. I am deleting a blog. I have spent 3 days transferring the posts I want to keep into Facebook Notes. I have a couple of other blogs, though, and will take your advice. TY.

    1. Elizabeth, although my title ("Never....") is dogmatic, my message is a little more nuanced. Only you know what is best for you.

  3. I was going to delete my blog because when I go to update it I get a message about mE not being an author of a blog and I'mm to create one. I KNOW It's off topic, but can you tell me why I get this message and how I can get around it? I tried the Help section but got no help. Thanks.

    1. @Fist: Here are the two most likely reasons: you are signed in to the wrong account, or you are till set up to use a Google+ profile, which must be updated to a Blogger profile

      For further help with any of this, please post a link to your blog on the Blogger help forum (link in the sidebar at right). Good luck!